J A N E L  F E L I Z  is a senior medical student at the Robert Larner College of Medicine in Burlington, Vermont. She trained as an art historian at New York University, and then pursued medicine to explore her passion for women’s health and wellness. Janel Feliz describes herself as C H I M E R I C given her varied and vast obsessions in art, culture, medicine, nutrition, gender studies and politics. She is a published writer, art instructor, former varsity fencer, aspiring yoga teacher, visual artist and medical student.

Her life mission is to model wellness and health for her patients, their communities and anyone willing to undertake a journey into improving their health. In the clinic, she learned that health extends beyond the annual check-up; her mentors encouraged periodic home-visits to better monitor and maintain the welfare of their patients. In the hospital, she learned the value of patient-centered health care which prioritizes patient values to create effective therapeutic relationships between patients and practitioners.

For her health is a truly lifestyle, a practice, and a lived everyday experience: it’s going for a run at 6 am to stave off risks for heart disease, holding back on that extra pinch of salt to curb risks for hypertension, or taking deep breaths under a challenging situation to reduce stress.

This blog aims to encourage healthy behaviors through nutrition and wellness. After graduating medical school, Janel will continue to live her passions in preventive and global health in her capacity as a physician.