Happenings in New York City

NYC is a city that is happening. Literally, something is always happening: a spontaneous art exhibit in Greenwich, a cuddle party in midtown, a yoga and music concert in the lower east, an outdoor movie in Brooklyn Bridge Park…literally, something is always happening. And yet, aside from the exuberant frenzy of activity that typifies the city that never sleeps, I find that even in the quiet stillness of life in the city, there is beauty and wonder and grace and insight.

The Mean Pinks in Brooklyn

My eyes hovered above the mountain of my knees as I shyly watched as Yuki gripped the nail polish in her hand like a scalpel and meticulously swathed pastel purple on my squared and buffed toe nails. I had abandoned my iPhone on the cushion next to me. I had ignored the pile of fashion magazines…

Bucolic Burlington

My feet relished once again in mapping the neat contours of this small contained city. I imagined my life here – moving back to Vermont, raising a family, building a home, creating a life here – and…yes, I could see it. My musings took me to Saturday mornings where I would wake up to the quiet majesty of the Adirondacks perched beyond my windowsill.