Many Winters

Winter in the east coast is visually synonymous with snow, snow angels, warm cocoa, sled races, snow men and cocoon-like big sweaters. In Brooklyn Heights, snow coats the streets with a layer of magic. Snow is that sparkly excuse for adults to reignite that childlike wonder in fun, and especially during snow days. The trains are delayed or stop working altogether, the big trucks plow the roads and landlords wake up early to clear the apartment entrances and salt the drive ways. And for fitness nuts like me, snow adds a fun challenge to workouts. I enjoy snow-shoeing, an activity I learned and participated during my winters in Vermont. In Brooklyn, my brother and I look forward to our annual tradition of making snowmen: but we get creative – we use bracelets for eyes, a cone for a nose and chopsticks for hair. I know, we are strange creative people! This is what my winters have looked like for me in Brooklyn, VT and Burlington, VT!









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