Fearless Girl 

Perched in the epicenter of a busy cobblestoned street, Kristen Visbal’s bronze statue “Fearless Girl” stares down the iconic Wall Street Bull. For decades, the Bull has been a visual stand-in for distinctly American values: vigor, strength, ferocity, and virility – all of which are traditionally masculine attributes, and which over the years has increasingly come to symbolize a resistance to female leadership and female opportunity.

Many Winters

Winter in the east coast is visually synonymous with snow, snow angels, warm cocoa, sled races, snow men and cocoon-like big sweaters. In Brooklyn Heights, snow coats the streets with a layer of magic. Snow is that sparkly excuse for adults to reignite that childlike wonder in fun, and especially during snow days.

Happy Blue

The English language has an infinite number of names for the different shades of blue: indigo, cerulean, periwinkle, turquoise, denim, sky blue, midnight blue…blue blue blue. No wonder my recent obsession with the color is palatable.

My Brooklyn 

My Brooklyn is a microcosm of diverse and unique interiors, architecture, people, food and experiences. The spirit of renovation and innovation in this small yet culturally-potent borough of New York City is strong. I grew up imbibing the art at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, running on the empty piers along the Easr River and…

Pilgrimage of the Mind

Every meditation for me is a pilgrimage into the mind, into the place where I can feel and experience both the gravity and the weightlessness of my thoughts. My meditation is where I explore a protean terrain of personal preferences and emotions and where I can excavate the roots of my reactions.  Meditation challenges our…