Wild Was Mama

As an unexpected post-yoga treat, I found myself in the laughing belly of the Wild Was Mama birthing community today as we discussed the many uses of organic lanolin nipple cream: lip balm, hand cream, and split-end mender were just a few on the list we came up with. Nestled in the almost corner of Bergen Street and 6 Avenue in Brooklyn, the Parkslope outpost of the ferociously successful Wild Was Mama store stands proudly as a lighthouse for moms-to-be, first-time moms, moms in general and families (yes, of course dads included). The store’s colorful window displays showcase elegant swaddling baby carriers and chic maternity wear. 

…a space for services geared toward maternity, the birthing experience and postpartum support is so lovely and so needed. 

Since its inception in 2012, Wild Was Mama has created somewhat of a hipster cult following among the eco-conscious and artsy mothers and families in Brooklyn. And I can see why. I’m not even expecting just yet, but I’m really digging the female empowerful and earth conscious vibes of the WWM community. I’m all for a supportive space for women as they navigate the exciting yet often vulnerable transition into parenthood. I know from experience with patients and families in clinic, that parenthood can be an emotionally tumultuous time especially for first-time moms and dads. So to have a space for services geared toward maternity, the birthing experience and postpartum support is so lovely and so needed. 

As well, the store contains so many fun things for babies and moms! The meticulously curated collection of baby and maternity items include rubber pacifiers, organic cotton babywear in the cutest prints (think stenciled rabbits and block prints), and an impressive array of maternity bras. Wild Was Mama continues to contribute and strengthen the birthing community in Brooklyn with weekly classes taught birthing experts including doulas and baby carrier educators.

And best of all, the staff and leadership are impressively dedicated to create a community of women, educators and experts committed to supporting women and families. What’s not to love?! So, go check it out (www.WildWasMama.com)! 


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