Vegan on a Budget

How to be a plant-based vegan on a tight medical-student-loan budget?  It’s possible! And here’s a simple and inexpensive recipe to prove how:

  • Organic red cabbage head ($1.50)
  • One red onion ($2.00 per pound on sale)
  • Wasabi green peas ($1.89)
  • Garlic hummas ($4.99)
  • Gluten free wrap ($4.99)

The total comes to around $15.50 and these ingredients should last me at least 6 meals because of the 6 wraps per packet but the other items can be used for other dishes!

So if money is an issue (which is especially for students like myself), rest assured that you may need to find sales and be a little creative with food choices, but it’s totally doable to be healthy and live a financially-feasible vegan life!


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  1. Jenny W says:

    Omgosh that’s awesome!

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