Women Who Hike

We ached to leave New York City for a few days to bask in the raw wilderness of the mountains and woods, to sleep among the immense silence of the trees and beneath the colossal swath of dark sky that lit up with a billion blinking stars. This trip was not an escape; it was an ache for expansion.

Happenings in New York City

NYC is a city that is happening. Literally, something is always happening: a spontaneous art exhibit in Greenwich, a cuddle party in midtown, a yoga and music concert in the lower east, an outdoor movie in Brooklyn Bridge Park…literally, something is always happening. And yet, aside from the exuberant frenzy of activity that typifies the city that never sleeps, I find that even in the quiet stillness of life in the city, there is beauty and wonder and grace and insight.

The Mean Pinks in Brooklyn

My eyes hovered above the mountain of my knees as I shyly watched as Yuki gripped the nail polish in her hand like a scalpel and meticulously swathed pastel purple on my squared and buffed toe nails. I had abandoned my iPhone on the cushion next to me. I had ignored the pile of fashion magazines…

Bucolic Burlington

My feet relished once again in mapping the neat contours of this small contained city. I imagined my life here – moving back to Vermont, raising a family, building a home, creating a life here – and…yes, I could see it. My musings took me to Saturday mornings where I would wake up to the quiet majesty of the Adirondacks perched beyond my windowsill.

Fearless Girl 

Perched in the epicenter of a busy cobblestoned street, Kristen Visbal’s bronze statue “Fearless Girl” stares down the iconic Wall Street Bull. For decades, the Bull has been a visual stand-in for distinctly American values: vigor, strength, ferocity, and virility – all of which are traditionally masculine attributes, and which over the years has increasingly come to symbolize a resistance to female leadership and female opportunity.

Many Winters

Winter in the east coast is visually synonymous with snow, snow angels, warm cocoa, sled races, snow men and cocoon-like big sweaters. In Brooklyn Heights, snow coats the streets with a layer of magic. Snow is that sparkly excuse for adults to reignite that childlike wonder in fun, and especially during snow days.

Happy Blue

The English language has an infinite number of names for the different shades of blue: indigo, cerulean, periwinkle, turquoise, denim, sky blue, midnight blue…blue blue blue. No wonder my recent obsession with the color is palatable.

My Brooklyn 

My Brooklyn is a microcosm of diverse and unique interiors, architecture, people, food and experiences. The spirit of renovation and innovation in this small yet culturally-potent borough of New York City is strong. I grew up imbibing the art at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, running on the empty piers along the Easr River and…

Pilgrimage of the Mind

Every meditation for me is a pilgrimage into the mind, into the place where I can feel and experience both the gravity and the weightlessness of my thoughts. My meditation is where I explore a protean terrain of personal preferences and emotions and where I can excavate the roots of my reactions.  Meditation challenges our…

Run Brooklyn Piers

I have been running these piers since I was 9 years old. My stubby legs scrambled on the gray pavement as I chased my dad during his daily runs. Today, as my feet beat briskly on the softer pavement and sand that lines Brooklyn Bridge Park, I am always awed by the history of my neighborhood. This singular cosmopolitan waterfront in Brooklyn Heights overlooking the East River has a colorful history marked by industrialization, immigration, military history, public works projects and civil rights.

I Chose This

Victor Frankl once said, “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” This is the space I attempt to cultivate and occupy.

Wild Was Mama

As an unexpected post-yoga treat, I found myself in the laughing belly of the Wild Was Mama birthing community today as we discussed the many uses of organic lanolin nipple cream: lip balm, hand cream, and split-end mender were just a few on the list we came up with. Nestled in the almost corner of…